Cyclone dust remover
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Cyclone dust remover

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Cyclone dust collector is a type of dust removal device. The principle of dust removal is to make the dust-laden air flow rotate, and the dust particles are separated from the air flow by centrifugal force and collected on the wall of the device, and then the dust particles fall into the ash hopper by gravity.

Main Feature

The cyclone dust collector is composed of an inlet pipe, an exhaust pipe, a cylinder, a cone and an ash hopper. The structure of the cyclone dust collector is simple, easy to manufacture, easy to install and maintain. Equipment investment and operating costs are low, and it has been widely used to separate solid and liquid particles from gas streams, or to separate solid particles from liquids. Under normal operating conditions, the centrifugal force acting on the particles is 5 to 2500 times the gravity, so the efficiency of the cyclone dust collector is significantly higher than that of the gravity settling chamber.

Using this principle, a cyclone dust removal device with a dust removal efficiency of more than 90% has been successfully developed. Among the mechanical dust collectors, the cyclone dust collector is the most efficient one. It is suitable for the removal of non-viscous and non-fibrous dust, and is mostly used to remove particles above 5um. The parallel multi-tube cyclone dust collector device also has a dust removal efficiency of 80-85% for particles of 3μm. The cyclone dust collector is made of special metal or ceramic materials that are resistant to high temperature, abrasion and corrosion, and can operate under the conditions of temperature up to 1000°C and pressure up to 500x105Pa. Therefore, it belongs to the medium-efficiency dust collector and can be used for the purification of high-temperature flue gas. It is a widely used dust collector and is mostly used in boiler flue gas dust removal, multi-stage dust removal and pre-dust removal.


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