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  • Metallurgical fan 5-47 MQS5-54

    Describe MOS5-54 blower for conveying broken materials is mainly used in wood processing enterprises such as wood-based panel factories, timber factories, furniture factories and other similar units.It can send loose materials such as wood or bamboo from one place to another by virtue of the wind. The fan adopts foreign advanced technology, and its biggest advantage is that large wood chips and larger wood blocks can pass through the fan without hindrance, which overcomes the jamming and blo...

  • Metallurgical fan 4-73

    Describe The 4-73 type boiler ventilation and induced draft fan is mainly suitable for the ventilation and induced draft fan system of 2~670t/h steam boilers in thermal power plants. In the absence of other special requirements, 4-73 can also be used for mine ventilation and general ventilation. The medium conveyed by the ventilator is air, and the maximum temperature shall not exceed 80°C; the medium conveyed by the induced draft fan is flue gas, and the maximum temperature shall not exceed ...

  • Metallurgical fan 5-47 5-48(Pharmacy is also available)

    Uses and Features Y5-47, 5-48, II-type boiler centrifugal fans are suitable for industrial boilers that burn various coal qualities and are equipped with smoke and dust removal devices of 0.2t/h~20t/h. Both can be used, but the maximum temperature shall not exceed 250°C. At present, there are many types of industrial boiler series, the quality of the coal used varies widely, the supporting dust collectors and pipe resistances are different, and the required air volume and air pressure of the ...

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