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Use of bag filter

Use of bag filter. The bag filter is a dry high efficiency dust remover, which uses the filtering effect of porous bag filter elements to remove dust. It has the advantages of high dust removal efficiency (98%~99% for 0.1um dust), strong adaptability, flexible use, simple structure, stable operation, easy dust recovery, simple maintenance, etc. Therefore, bag filter is widely used in metallurgy, chemistry, ceramics, cement, food and other different industrial sectors, and is the most competitive dust removal equipment among various high-efficiency dust removers. Pulse bag type dust remover can be equipped with shot blasting machine, sand machine, grinder, sand screening machine, sand mixer and other equipment with high dust concentration for dust removal. Practice has proved that the operation is stable, the noise is low, the dust removal efficiency is high, and the operation and maintenance are convenient. Pulse bag type dust remover is mainly composed of shell, high pressure fan, filter bag, dust collection drawer, abdominal cavity, air inlet pipe, air duct, circuit device, etc.
Working principle of bag filter: the filter material used in the bag filter has a large mesh, generally 20~50um, and the surface fuzzing filter material is about 5~10um. Therefore, the dust removal efficiency of the new filter bag is only about 40% (1um dust). When the dusty air passes through the filter material, due to the role of fiber screening, interception, collision, diffusion and static electricity, the dust will be retained on the filter material to form a primary layer. Compared with the filter material, the porous primary layer has higher dust removal efficiency. Therefore, the filtering function of the bag filter is mainly based on the dust layer accumulated in the initial layer and later. With the thickening of the dust collecting layer, the pressure difference on both sides of the filter bag becomes larger, which increases the resistance loss of the precipitator and reduces the amount of gas processed. The rapid development of the dedusting industry has made great room for development in the production field of dust collectors in China, so we need to know about various dedusting accessories and dedusting equipment to determine our next development direction. As the speed of air passing through the pores of filter material increases, the dust removal efficiency decreases. Therefore, after the dust remover has been running for a period of time, the dust shall be removed to remove the dust collecting layer, but the primary layer shall not be damaged, so as not to reduce the efficiency.
Use of single pulse dust remover. When using the single pulse dust remover, we should know clearly that when the gas containing dust enters the box of the dust remover, there will be a filter screen inside our box, which can be separated by some dust in the air of the filter piece, to stop those fine dust particles on the outer wall of the bag, In this way, the purified air can be discharged through the air inlet of the bag.
The stand-alone dust remover is a small bag type dust remover. With its own system fan and pulse jet ash cleaning method, it has the advantages of high purification efficiency, good ash cleaning effect, small resistance, long filter bag life, simple maintenance, safe and reliable operation. It is widely used for dust removal and purification of various process systems and material recovery in metallurgy, building materials, machinery, chemical industry, mining and other industries.
This series of dust removers has two series and twelve specifications, each of which can be divided into standard type A with ash hopper and open flange type B (no ash hopper, applicable to the warehouse top).
Structure description:
The single deduster consists of filter chamber, filter bag, air cleaning chamber, ash hopper, flap valve, pulse injection device, system fan, electric control box, etc.

Post time: Aug-12-2022

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