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What is the cooling tower ?

The cooling tower is mainly composed of the tower body, water pan, motor, fan, water distribution system, etc. The water on the cooling tower is formed by the high-pressure water pump, which is pumped up and filtered by the water distributor, and then evenly scattered. Generally, the height of the cooling tower is more than 10 meters or tens of meters. Large exhaust fans are equipped above the cooling tower. The wind force from the exhaust fans will draw away the air, take away the heat in the process of air and water droplets contact, and play the role of cooling water.
The manufacturing cost and maintenance cost of the cooling tower are very high, so you must understand the cooling tower before using it.
1、 Classification and Analysis of Cooling Towers
The manufacturing cost and maintenance cost are very high, so we must understand the cooling tower before using it.
According to the different cooling methods and principles, many kinds of cooling towers have been derived, mainly including natural draft cooling towers, bottom noise cooling towers, industrial cooling towers, and market opening cooling towers. At present, natural draft and industrial cooling towers are mainly used in China, and other needs are selected according to the actual situation.
2、 Application analysis of cooling tower
Cooling towers are widely used, mainly in iron and steel plants, textile plants, chemical plants, food plants, etc. Generally, processing plants belonging to the manufacturing type will have cooling towers to improve their production efficiency.
3、 Characteristic analysis of cooling tower
The cooling tower is generally divided into four parts: countercurrent tower, cross flow tower, packless cooling tower, and closed cooling tower. Each part has different principles and features energy saving, low cost, low water pressure, and convenient maintenance.
The maintenance of the cooling tower is very troublesome and the cost is high, so it is necessary to purchase a suitable cooling tower according to the demand.

Post time: Aug-12-2022

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